About Us

At One Dollar Hoster, our goal is to provide web designers with an affordable web host plan for the basic needs. Our professional team works around the clock to ensure the stability of our servers and fulfillment of our customers’ needs.

Founded in 2019, One Dollar Hoster has grown to be a reliable and affordable web hosting solution for users. One Dollar Hoster operates a private cloud with solid state drives, high availability bandwidth, and powerful processors. Providing the users with an increased page load speed and 99.9% uptime speed with LiteSpeed web server.

Transparency and reality is what we seek. There is a reason as to why our prices are cheap and why we only offer low amounts of disk storage. The question we ask is, do you really need that much disk space? The average size of a webpage is 1-3 megabytes, and for the sake of an example let's say you have 100 pages, that's only 100-300mb of disk storage. So don't fall for those unlimited disk storage offers, 1 GB is more than sufficient for a simple website.

One Dollar Hoster Contact Info:
General Support: contact@onedollarhoster.com
Phone: +(962) 776874367

One Dollar Hoster Mailing Address:
One Dollar Hoster, LLC
Sweileh, P.O. Box 1803
Amman, Jordan 11910
+(962) 776874367